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Loans against customers – information and advice

Soon before the court in Gliwice a group of cheaters is happening, who, under the guise of granting attractive loans, preyed on people who were in financial difficulties. A secured loan is an alternative to loans from banking institutions and customers. Rumia.

We sign notary’s agreements in the offices

Of every major city near Poland. Loans against security deposits in Silesia. The entire procedure mentioned above and its duration depends to a large extent on the client.

We accept various types of collateral, we grant loans under a mortgage, we can easily work with people whose collateral is charged by a bailiff. It is worth stopping at our place, asking for the loan terms, because searching in different companies will only waste your time.

The loan contract season in line with the definition of the law gives you the chance to pay back our loan in advance. Thanks to them that we do not fall into a routine, our services have remained at the highest level for many years.

We provide private loans secured by real estate

We provide private loans secured by real estate

In the amount of over 50,000 PLN and by cars for up to 50,000 PLN. We are not a company dealing with the so-called Since 2012, we have been implementing personal mortgage loans with an entry in the fourth quarter. The loans are characterized by the fact that they are without check-out and without transfer of ownership.

The terms of the loan secured under the plots of land exist on a case-by-case basis depending on the borrower’s needs and financial capabilities. Last year I became a victim of my potential client’s bankruptcy, I completely lost liquidity and I found myself on the verge of solvency.

We are here to help you when others do not want to – with us you can receive investment support in the appropriate amount, except for waiting. General construction plot, agricultural plot, for which the building conditions are set, as well as an agricultural plot of more than 2 ha, it can be a collateral for a loan against the apartment, intended for any plan.

The analysis on the basis of which the loan will be granted

To be rejected requires verification of the client in terms of his income. Thanks to every question I asked I was given an understandable and clear answer.

Non-bank debt secured by real estate for repayment to the bailiff – a product targeted at indebted persons against whom bailiff proceedings are pending. Our company understands your needs and also meets them.