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ATLANTE, June 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Georgia Govt. Brian Kemp honored Atlanta-based CatchMark Timber Trust, Inc. (NYSE: CTT) earlier this month as a 2022 partner in the state’s Forestry for Wildlife Partnership, a program administered by the Division of Wildlife Resources (DNR) of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Governor Kemp recognized CatchMark for its “stewardship and land management practices that benefit wildlife through Georgia.” See Georgia Department of Natural Resources press release here.

Administered by the Wildlife Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the Forestry for Wildlife Partnership is a voluntary program that has promoted sustainable forest and wildlife conservation in forestry practices for 25 years. Partner projects focus on delivering improvements that sync with georgia Bobwhite Quail Initiative and State Wildlife Action Plan, two statewide strategies.

In fiscal 2021, CatchMark undertook the following initiatives recognized by georgia Department of Natural Resources:

  • Carrying out woodwork to return endangered red cockade woodpeckers at Sprewell Bluff Wildlife Management Area near Thomaston.
  • Supported an existing conservation easement on its Townsend property, protecting natural areas from easement and making land available for recreation and research in the 4,000-acre Townsend Wildlife Management Area.
  • Continued to grant MNR access to timberlands Long, Brantley and McIntosh counties for annual surveys of swallow-tailed kite nests.
  • Natural longleaf stands left on a targeted basal area, thinned about 400 acres of loblolly pine to make way for the addition of cavity nest boxes, and after hitting harvest and other targets, will put the remaining wood back to MNR to complete the transition.
  • Continued cooperation with the Georgia-Alabama Land Trust to maintain a conservation easement in Long County. This easement protects priority habitats identified by georgia State Wildlife Action Plan and maintains open spaces adjacent to Fort Stuart as part of the Army Compatible Use Buffer program.
  • Worked with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to protect endangered fringed campion habitat at company sites in Talbot Countyand with MNR and other botanists in authorizing plant surveys to identify and verify existing or potentially new sites.
  • Continued work with MNR involving bird surveys on land with different site preparation prescriptions to determine possible effects of various treatments on bird use of areas.
  • Has practiced silvicultural treatments that promote the conservation of gopher tortoises and their habitat.
  • Sponsored and organized hunting events with youth groups and disability organizations to provide these groups with the opportunity to learn about hunting and enjoy the outdoors.
  • Allows universities to access company land for research, such as Virginia Tech’s study of pine growth. CatchMark is also a member of the University of Georgia Plantation Research Management Cooperative and helps develop foresters by leaving Auburn University organize training and courses via field trips to the company’s forest lands.
  • Pursuit of an integrated harvest planning system that takes into account landscape-scale diversity. An example is the vigorous thinning of pine plantations which improves wildlife habitat and forest health.
  • Monitor and treat company land for invasive species.
  • Continued registration and management of known populations of georgia rare and endangered species according to state and federal guidelines.
  • Maintain and provide the use of portable skid and truck bridges for use by loggers to minimize the impact of stream crossings.

With interests in approximately 231,200 acres across Georgia (as of 03/31/2022), CatchMark has been part of the Wildlife Partnership since 2011.

About CatchMark

CatchMark (NYSE: CTT) invests in premier timberlands located in major mill markets nationwide, seeking to capture the highest value per acre and generate sustainable returns through disciplined stewardship and stewardship. superior of its exceptional resources. Based at Atlanta and focusing exclusively on the ownership and management of forest land, CatchMark began operations in 2007 and owns interests in approximately 350,000 acres of forest land located in the southern United States. For more information, visit www.catchmark.com.

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