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Inauguration Day 2021: It’s a day many of us have been waiting for, in the United States and abroad. Freeing the White House from the presence and influence of 45 is a sigh of relief after years of holding our breaths fearing what he and his buddies would do next. This is only the first step in recovery, however. The work ahead seems almost overwhelming, but we are ready to take on the task.

Today my mind is with Sigyn. Not much is presented in Norse lore about her, just an occasional reference in Kennings to her status as Loki’s wife and her role in the myth of her punishment. At the end of Lokasenna in the Poetic Edda, she stays in the cave in which Loki is imprisoned, holding a bowl over her bound form to prevent a snake’s venom from leaking into her eyes. My own experiences with her have shown me time and time again that she selected to stay with him. She didn’t have to languish in the dark with Loki, her arms and back aching from Sisyphus’ task of holding that bowl. She did it voluntarily for love. She did it because it was the right thing to do, the least she could do to keep her hopes up.

Sigyn is a goddess of compassion and loyalty, kindness and comfort. Loyalty is not lacking in the American people; we have all seen the results of extreme loyalty. What we need now is a return to compassion. So many American citizens are broken and bound, struggling to survive as sour, burning poison pours over our flesh and spirits from above. Sigyn isn’t just holding the bowl for Loki. She holds it for all mankind.

So today I think of Sigyn in her silent duty to offer comfort and lessen the damage and brutality of what her beloved is enduring. Today, I pray that my fellow citizens and my fellow human beings will feel that spark of hope that comes from knowing that we are not alone, that we have not been abandoned, and that we have a shining example of sweet kindness that we can show to each other. . Sigyn is often overlooked in the Nordic pantheon, but her influence is magnificent and should be taken to heart by all of us.

The following is a prayer I use when leading the blót (ritual / act of worship) for Sigyn, and these are the words I pray today:

Incantation-Fetter, Elle du Versant, Our Lady of Resistant Power, we are calling you!

Joy of Loki, Mother of Narvi and Vali, You of the Invincible Heart, we adore you!

Sigyn, you are quiet in your duty. You do what you know should be done for the good of others without complaining, and you do it without seeking praise. We see you and we appreciate you doing for us what you did for Loki.

You, Mother in Mourning, you support the weight of all humanity in its suffering. You grant us small acts of kindness, you comfort us gently and you remind us that we are not alone in the face of the struggles that lie ahead.

North Star, may we count on you for inspiration and guidance to offer the same comfort and support to those around us who are suffering, whether through isolation or fear. Even the greatest warriors need your gentleness as they recover from the battles they fight.

You are our comfort, you are our compassion, you are our quiet love and loyalty in the midst of chaos.

Hi Sigyn!

Hi Sigyn, and hi to the compassionate community!

Loki and Sigyn by CW Eckersberg

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