Banham Zoological Gardens launches fun and educational wildlife weeks


Conservation Education Fellows Ellie and George help children and adults learn about animal adaptations and ecology using bio-artifacts (Credit: The Zoological Society of East Anglia)

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School is over and Banham Zoological Gardens in Norfolk is offering three different wildlife weeks for young Sir David Attenborough in the family. The three bespoke programs are designed to inspire a lifelong passion for nature and offer children and young people a mix of fun, educational and social activities.

They include a uniquely designed “Zooniversity” course in recognition of the challenges young people face when seeking hands-on experience to help them apply to college or university for future careers in animal management, medicine veterinary or conservation.

Animal Explorers (for ages 8-11) includes animal feeding, hands-on animal help, games and lots of learning fun.

Wildlife Warriors (for ages 12-14) will involve engagement with animals, hands-on activities and provide an enriched understanding of the natural world that is tied to the national curriculum.

Zooniversity (for ages 15-17) is a hands-on, educational program that encompasses conservation, veterinary care, and animal behavioral studies. Participants will be able to observe and even participate in basic health checks, animal management and behavioral observation.

Head of Conservation Education at Banham Zoological Gardens, Asim Krdzalic (credit: The Zoological Society of East Anglia)

Asim Krdzalic, Conservation Education Manager, The Zoological Society of East Anglia, said: “We want to help inspire and create the conservationists of the future and we have designed age-appropriate programs linked to the national curriculum for younger people. Zoouniversity will help older teens gain valuable real-life skills and experience in animal management.

For more details, including dates and prices or to make a reservation, visit: here.


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