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Earth Day is fast approaching, earth will soon be dumped on the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, and the City Nature Challenge BioBlitz 2022? It’s ready to flap its proverbial wings towards the end of April.

We’re in a mindset that looks out, appreciates the wilderness, marvels-all, loves the outdoors, in short, although to say we still live in this wildlife-loving world would be quite exact.

Improve that feathery, sun-kissed, leaf-laden state of mind?

The Museum of Natural History, an incredible institution that returns again for Southern Californians eager to learn more about the earthlings who live just beyond their backdoor.

These earthlings are very often croak-producing a variety that flaps its wings and lands on a branch in our area, which the museum describes as the “most ornithological” county in the country.

But if you spent two hours, uh, two minutes in Los Angeles County, you already knew that. Birds? We have them, no ifs, ands, or beaks about it.

To celebrate the bird-like aspect of our avian-tastic region, the expo park’s bastion of science has just unveiled a new digital series titled “Bird watching in the yard.”

the free videos aim to up our game of bird watching and knowledge, and Dr. Allison Shultz, Assistant Curator of Ornithology, and Kimball Garrett, Emeritus Manager of Ornithology Collections, are the experts guiding us on this joyous journey.

Some of the information-packed stops along the way?

You’ll learn about LA County’s bird diversity (home to gulls, owls, crows, and an assortment of stragglers from peacocks to parrots), habitats, and seasonality, too.

What about house finches? Chances are as good a happy little chirp is adorable as there’s a house finch somewhere in your neighborhood right now, if you happen to be in Southern California.

The Natural History Museum is a repository, or perhaps a repository of birds is more accurate, of great facts, information, tips and routes to appreciate our urban wildlife.

Get started with Backyard Birding now, ahead of the big city-wide BioBlitz, and ride the fliers, flappers and feathered friends flying in your immediate area.


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