Development of smart cities in the Philippines


The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on the construction of the 9,450 hectare Clark New Town in Capas, Tarlac, Philippines.

“With Singapore as a global leader in smart city development, we at BCDA are very fortunate to have EnterpriseSG as our partner to facilitate knowledge exchange and connect us with Singaporean companies that have the experience and expertise in the field. This MOU will certainly be instrumental in achieving our goal of making New Clark City a smart, green, sustainable and highly livable metropolis,” said Aileen R. Zosa, President and CEO of BCDA.

The MOU is intended to establish a framework that will allow BCDA and EnterpriseSG to seek ways to work together on the development of New Clark City, particularly in priority areas such as affordable housing, property management, transportation, solid waste management, waste management. energy technology, smart cities, sustainability, green data centers, urban development and people-centric programs.

Both sides will engage in information sharing and awareness-raising activities to learn more about new technologies and solutions used in urban development, especially in response to the pandemic.

BCDA and EnterpriseSG will also work together to match businesses and enable Singapore businesses and other interested parties to join forces in building New Clark City.

To do this, the two parties will hold frequent meetings to discuss the progress of the project and potential areas of growth. They will define and facilitate the appropriate mode of partnership between the Singapore-based company and BCDA.

BCDA believes that the primary goal of a smart city is to use smart technologies and data analytics to optimize city functions and drive economic growth while improving people’s quality of life.

EnterpriseSG is a statutory body established by the Singapore Companies Act 2018 to champion Singaporean businesses by enhancing their capabilities and facilitating their access to global markets.

Meanwhile, more than 50 delegates from Australia and New Zealand toured and visited New Clark City, one of the investment destinations highlighted in this year’s Pacific Business Mission. A carefully planned metropolis in Capas, Tarlac is being developed to help decongest Metro Manila and catalyze growth in central Luzon, and eventually across the country.

The sustainability qualities of New Clark City were highlighted, which are 70% conserved for ecotourism and ecotourism initiatives and 30% buildable. In addition, the new BCDA PCEO has presented plans for the creation of a low-cost housing complex and the largest public park in the Philippines in the metropolitan area, which will emphasize non-motorized transport-oriented development and durable (TOD).

Soon, a 34.55 hectare affordable, multi-occupancy and climate-resilient housing project will see the light of day in the city. It will include mixed-use residential and commercial projects, a river park, a town center, a community square and a sports park, among others. All of these will be connected to various transit systems, including bus rapid transit and subway transit.

Other ongoing initiatives for New Clark City include world-class city management and administration services, a data center location facility, and a solid waste management and waste-to-energy project.

The Pacific Business Mission is organized in collaboration with the Philippine Trade and Center in Sydney, the Philippine Board of Investments, the Export Marketing Bureau, the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), the Subic Clark and Alliance for Development Council (SCADC), and the freeport and economic zones along the Subic-Clark-Bataan corridor.


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