Finding Fibro Pain Relief With CBD Oil: My Experience


It’s that time of year again when the weather turns cold and my pain levels intensify dramatically. Many of us fibro warriors suffer from increased pain during the colder months. Winter is my least favorite time of year for this reason. Last week we had our first snowfall and temperatures below freezing of the season. And, my boy, did I feel it!

Every year, I have a hard time dealing with the worsening pain during the winter. No matter what I try, nothing seems to help. Since i was weaned gabapentin, my pain level is a bit higher than the last few winters. I need to find a replacement, preferably something natural with no side effects.

I live in Minnesota, one of the many states that have legalized medical marijuana for certain conditions, including overwhelming pain. I wanted to participate in the program, but whether FM pain is considered intractable is open to debate. The definition I found indicates that pain must cause premature death to be considered intractable, but even my primary care doctor was unsure of what that meant.

Finding a doctor who will prescribe it is almost impossible. According to my doctor, none of the doctors in his vast network of clinics and hospitals want to be classified as a pain doctor, so they will not get involved in his prescribing. Try to find one that will. I could not ! If they do, they don’t advertise it.

I was able to find a pain clinic that will do it for $ 450. But you still have to register, which is $ 100 more. Oh, and you still have to buy medical marijuana. The sad part is that you have to do it every year! No medical insurance covers the cost, so it’s all out of your pocket. Not an easy expense for many people with FM.

What joke! No wonder most people who qualify for the program don’t use it. It’s a lot cheaper for them to go to Colorado a few times a year and buy stuff to take home or even buy it on the street. Why have these programs when those who need them most do not have access to them?

Because I cannot participate in the legal medical marijuana program, the best thing I can do is cannabidiol (CBD) oil. I have read a lot about CBD oil but had never tried it. I know there are a lot of warriors who swear by it and some who have had no success with it. But we’re all different, and the only way I know is to try it myself.

After just three days, I notice a reduction in my pain levels. I also slept over seven hours in one night for the first time in months. I took it about 6 a.m. before work and did the entire eight hours without pain, which is very unusual for me. I feel less anxious than usual.

The cost is not as high as I thought it would be. I bought a 1 fl oz bottle, which costs around $ 25, from my local Fresh Thyme grocer. I went with unflavored, but you can also season it. The taste takes a little getting used to, but it’s not awful.

There is little to no THC, so you won’t get high or high while using it. Some products will show up in drug tests, however, so if this is a problem for you, check with different manufacturers to make sure you’re getting the right oil for you. There is a wide variety of options when it comes to CBD oil.

So far, I am very happy with the CBD oil and plan to keep it in my daily regimen.

If you are new to CBD oils and want more information, I recommend checking out CBD oil users. It is a great resource.

Do you use or have you tried CBD oils? What was your experience?


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Carrie lives in Minnesota with her husband and 3 cat children. She works full time as an administrative assistant. Carrie was diagnosed with fibromyagia 40 years after her first outbreak. She enjoys watching sports and spending time with her family and friends.


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