Forest River Park, one of the many bird watching sites in the FM area


FARGO – Forest River Park in Fargo offers various amenities to the citizens of Fargo; in winter, skiing can be done along the trails, while in spring and summer, residents can use the park for jogging or running.

Another convenience that it offers is bird watching or bird watching.

“This is part of our bird-friendly communities initiative. Just to not only provide natural spaces for people to enjoy in nature, but also to bring back habitats for birds and wildlife,” said Meghan Carter, Audubon Dakota engagement coordinator.

Audubon Dakota works in North and South Dakota and focuses on conservation efforts in both states, according to Carter.

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Bird watching is just one of many conservation efforts. Without sites like Forest River Park, wildlife, birds in particular, would have a hard time.

“Birds are a great habitat indicator species. If our birds are healthy, it’s a good example that our ecosystem is healthy as well,” Carter said. “The Forest River in particular is identified as an important bird area, so this site where we are now is actually a primary migration corridor for many of our migratory birds.”

Forest River Park offers a variety of habitats, from wetlands to woodlands, bringing together diverse species.

The Fargo-Moorhead region in general, she says, is a unique area for birding.

“Given our location along the Red River, spring and fall are definitely highlights for birding as you get spring migration and fall migration,” she said. “You can even watch birds all summer and winter. We have hundreds of species of birds here, all year round.”

Forest River Park is just one of more than 20 sites in the region. To see more, you can visit their website.


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