“I owe it to the ocean” – Oceanographic Envoy: Shark Cull


At time of reading, the documentary will finally be released on Australia’s second largest streaming platform, Stan. If you are abroad, it is either already available on Discovery + in your region, or it will soon be released on another platform. I can tell you that this full year, from completion to release, has looked like a decade.

With a passionate project like this, the distribution process takes painfully long. It’s especially painful when the animals you love die off every day, and the point of the documentary is to educate and inform, in a desperate attempt to stop it.

I hope that the film will be seen widely, that people take the calls to action at the end of the film, and that we can force the politicians who seem to be content to do nothing, to finally do something. More than 100,000 sharks and tens of thousands of dolphins, turtles, whales, rays and dugongs have died painfully wrapped in shark nets or hung from drum lines – in an unsuccessful attempt to make beaches safer. He doesn’t have the social license to continue, and yet he does. So far if everything goes as planned.

The measure of any impact documentary should be the impact it has. I hope that now, almost 12 months after its completion, that it is finally available in the world, the film can be a success. I owe it to the ocean which has given me so much.

Learn more about Australia’s shark net programs here.

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