Install rainwater harvesting plants in medical institutes and university colleges: BJP leader Swatantra Dev


The state government has decided that rainwater harvesting plants should be installed in all private and public medical schools, inter and university colleges as well as technical colleges in the state.

“A letter is being sent to all district magistrates to ensure this is taken seriously,” said veteran BJP leader and senior minister Swatantra Dev.

Swatantra Dev, who is also the Head of State of the BJP, a post he will soon relinquish in line with the one man principle, a ruling party post, is the Jal Shakti and Minister of Irrigation.

The minister said letters are being sent to city commissioners, MPs, MPs and public officials in towns where groundwater levels are not adequate, to help raise awareness of water conservation among the masses.

“Jal hai to kal hai (there would be no tomorrow unless there was water). We will therefore do whatever needs to be done to raise awareness, put rainwater harvesting systems in place and create a mindset that values ​​the importance of every drop of water,” the minister said.

He also said the government would come up with a scheme to reward those who take the initiative to set up rainwater harvesting systems.

“One from each of the 75 districts would be selected and rewarded for installing rainwater harvesting plants and maintaining them,” he added.

The minister said that plastic will be completely banned in the ministry of Jal Shakti and its related departments.

“Materials like plastic cups, plastic bottles, polythene, and plastic plates will not be used in departmental programs, meetings, and offices. Plastic will be replaced by ‘kulhads’, ‘pattals’ and paper plates,” he added.


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