It’s never too late: from retiree to bird nerd in five short years | Brazos life


Membership also provides the opportunity to participate in activities such as annual bird counts, construction and placement of blue bird nesting boxes, and organization of community awareness events for native birds and plants.

My hard work has reaped immense personal rewards. My physical, emotional and mental well-being has improved dramatically, especially in these stressful times. Bird watching has brought me peace, joy, and deep inspiration.

The trip taught me to savor the little things in life, without requiring expensive equipment or fancy clothes. You can start in your own garden or local park taking note of the variety of birds including blue jays, cardinals, chickadees, house finches, wren, egrets, herons, warblers, hawks. , to name a few. Just watch, focus, and take note.

Eight hours later, I spent the night in Midland and hit the road again at 4.30am for Odessa. It was 23 degrees and I was parked in an empty lot waiting three hours and nothing. It was cold and I needed to move. I went to buy a cup of coffee and asked about Snowy. The lady said, “Oh, it was seen here but no one saw it again.” Damn.

I’m going to park in Firestone and I look up and she was there in all her glory. My heart was pounding, my hands were shaking as I grabbed my camera, I couldn’t breathe. I leaned against a brick wall to stay steady and started taking pictures. It was as if my spirit animal was talking to me. I captured him smiling, laughing and praying. You would have to see my photos to believe me.

Mr. Elia “Smily” Flores graduated from Texas A&M. She is an active member of the Rio Brazos Audubon Society, traveler, speaker and educator.


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