Lagos to plant 5,000 trees in July


The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the 2022 Tree Planting Ceremony held at Dr Abayomi Finnih Recreation Park, Oregun, Ikeja is themed:-”In harmony with nature”, and was organized by the Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK).

Hamzat said the statewide tree-planting tradition has helped build a greener and healthier environment and has fostered a balance between the economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations.

The Deputy Governor was represented by the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Deputy Governor, Ms Mobolaji Daba.

Hamzat said the theme, in harmony with nature, was a reminder of the need to protect the relationship with nature.

According to him, people’s gratitude towards various species of living creatures, including trees, tends to be forgotten in their busy lives, as they take for granted the interdependent web that sustains human life with clean water, food, oxygen, fertile soil, climate regulation and more.

“Despite positive progress on policy, science and technology, the alarm bells related to the health of our planet are ringing very loudly that we must go into emergency mode.

“No city or country in the world is immune to the adverse effects of climate change – we are witnessing food and water insecurity, rising temperatures, extreme weather, natural disasters, economic disruption, to conflict, terrorism and, in our beloved Lagos State, to flooding from human activities.

“Indeed, planting trees is now seen as a lifelong investment that has surprising potential to positively impact all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

“Dear Lagosians, the environmental crisis did not start globally; it started locally. One of the most important aspects of re-articulated human development is being fair to nature and other living beings .

“We cannot be developed unless our lives are reconnected and in balance, cooperation and harmony with nature,” he said.

Hamzat said that with the Lagos State Climate Action Plan (2020-2025), the government is serious about integrating climate-friendly initiatives into everything it does.

He said citizens were increasingly aware of the need to rethink the way they live and consume, and the roles each can play to make a difference.

“Although the government is expected to lead the process, success will depend on the concerted efforts of all stakeholders.

“There is clearly no more time to lose if we want to restore hope to present and future generations.

“Nature must be at the heart of development, and all of us, as societies, businesses and individuals, must make a conscious effort to live in harmony with nature,said the Deputy Governor.

In his introductory remarks, Mr Tunji Bellothe environment and water resources commissioner said July 14 each year was observed as the planting of trees across the state.

Bello, who was represented by the Director, Ecology and Conservation, Mrs. Tolulope Adeyo said the theme for this year’s celebration was influenced by the need for people to collectively take action to establish a lasting relationship with the ecosystem.

He said one of the easiest ways was to plant and nurture as many trees as possible, which is why the celebration of Tree Planting Day will always remain important in the history of the world. ‘State.

According to him, apart from the planting activities that will be carried out, which will be reported by the Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, trees will also be planted simultaneously in the 57 Local Government Areas (LGAs) and development areas of the local council (LCDA). ) of State.

“Our representatives at the local level are mobilized and up to the task. To ensure a smooth planting exercise, free tree seedlings are distributed to local authorities, as well as interested individuals, private organizations and NGOs.

“It is expected that around 5,000 trees will be planted throughout July.

“Through our advocacy programs, we will continue to enlighten the public that trees are a vital part of our ecosystem and an immense contributor to human life,“said the commissioner.


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