Mauritius: “The minimum that the express metro will cost is Rs50 or Rs55 billion”


I knew that Poorranarnenden Sungeelee, a mechanical engineer and key member of the consumers’ association, the Mauritius Consumers Association, was passionate about the metro. But I didn’t know to what extent and had no idea in which direction he was going to steer the debate. When I met him for the interview, he came with a file full of papers and newspaper articles that he had carefully cut out and meticulously filed. He knew the file by heart and the information was pouring in at such speed and in all directions. I tried to make it consistent for you. ‘Tried’ I say.

He didn’t wait for me to ask a question. It’s like he’s overflowed and can’t wait for the chance to get it off his chest. “So what do you want to know about the subway,” he asked, and before I had a chance to answer, he answered his own question: “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then help me god? “

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