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On Wednesday, the Minister of the Environment, Say Samal, presents prizes to exceptional personalities. Minister of the Environment

The Ministry of Environment has implemented many programs that encourage environmentally friendly activities to ensure Cambodia maintains a clean and green environment that changes over time, according to Minister Say Samal.

Samal made the remarks by presenting certificates of mention to 230 outstanding companies and individuals at an event organized to promote public participation under the theme “Together, let’s build respect for the environment” on November 24th.

The minister said the work can be done with the participation of all. People are starting to understand the potential and beauty of Cambodia with its rich tourist areas, especially its natural landscapes.

“[We] create a way of thinking about loving the land and nature in the country, which is the foundation for promoting successful environmental protection and conservation of natural resources, ”he said.

He thanked companies and individuals for joining in the implementation of environmentally friendly programs.

Samal also suggested that all companies continue their activities to jointly promote environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, sustainable use of natural resources and sustainable lifestyle in Cambodia.

Chuop Paris, head of the ministry’s general directorate for environmental knowledge and information, expressed his gratitude to all supporters, sponsors and people practicing environmentally friendly behavior in the service of the promotion and protection of environment and natural resources.

Paris said the rewards program is designed to promote the participation of businesses and individuals in the public and private sectors in environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources and in a sustainable lifestyle.

Im Tieng, the chief monk of Sirisakor Daun Steng Pagoda in Prey Veng Province and one of the recipients of the certificate, said Cambodia needs those who care about environmental conservation to join the program.

“The presentation of this certificate encourages me and other Buddhists who love and preserve our environment. This is the first time that we have received a national level award certificate. Previously, we only received certificates from provincial authorities, ”he said.

Tieng added that he would continue to do this work for the people around the pagoda through sermons and donations.

Another recipient of the certificate was Post photographer Yousos Apdoulrashim. He said the program encourages photographers like him to try and take photos that really stand out in terms of beauty in order to promote ecotourism and improve the image of Cambodia.

“This is the first time that I am engaging as a photographer, and I am very honored to receive a congratulatory letter from the Ministry of the Environment and I hope they will organize this event every year”, a- he declared.

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