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nature conservation day

posted on Jul 28, 2022 | Author Rise of Kashmir

Around the world, June 28 is celebrated as World Conservation Day. Many events and programs are held on this day around the world, emphasizing the importance of a healthy environment. This day also aims to create special attention among people on the importance and necessity of preserving the environment and natural resources for the survival of human life on planet earth. There can be little doubt about the advancement and progress of human civilization. What is happening in science and technology is nothing short of marvelous. Advances in science and technology have not only righted many wrongs, but also facilitated the phenomenon of life. However, in hindsight, the growing reliance on technology and scientific advancements has led to overexploitation of natural resources, which in turn has raised inevitable questions regarding the survival of people on the planet. Earth. The gradual melting of glaciers, the degradation of forest cover, the shrinking of water bodies and the conversion of agricultural lands into residential settlements under the banner of urbanization are wreaking havoc on our fragile ecology. Many scientists are of the opinion that due to visible climate change, natural resources are facing a huge threat of extinction all over the world. The importance of natural resources is undeniable and the role they play in sustaining human life is immense. From afar, we are aware and perhaps seen where it can take us if we overexploit our natural resources. Human survival is at stake amid growing problems of global warming, environmental pollution and nuclear adventurism. No one can deny the fact that J&K UT is environmentally very fragile. Not only are the people of Kashmir dependent on natural resources, including forests, for their survival, but they are also economically reliable. Our forests, known as green gold, are a source of income for many families. But unfortunately, they were exploited to the hilt by smugglers and forest raiders, without any inference from the government. Furthermore, unnecessary human interference in the forest and wildlife habitats has not only upset the natural ecological balance, but has forced wild animals to turn to human habitation, resulting in an increasing number of conflicts. man-animal. The role of civil society and political leadership is indisputable in safeguarding and securing our natural resources. If our resources are to be preserved, government and civil society must act together. It is time to raise public awareness about the preservation of natural resources and the conservation of biodiversity. If it is necessary to use and exploit natural resources, which of course are for betterment, one must realize that excess of everything is bad. We must be judicious in our approach. Each individual has a role to play in safeguarding the environment.


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