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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A model watershed conservation project has started at Pullampara grama panchayat in the capital with the active participation of the local community. It aims to recharge groundwater through a multitude of programs and also livelihood projects for local communities.

This is a pilot project of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) state mission for soil and water conservation in the state. Entitled “Neeruravu”, the first phase of the project is being implemented in the Chullalam watershed under the Pullampara panchayat. Water resource recharge programs, including domestic wells and income generation for the population, will be implemented on approximately 266 hectares of land located in Mukkudi and Chullalam neighborhoods, according to panchayat president Rajesh P V .

A GIS-based survey is the first job in which details of water resources, land holdings and crops would be recorded. “Water resources rejuvenation projects are a priority. All wells located in the project area would be recharged free of charge. Compost pits and soaking pits will also be built in the households, ”Rajesh said.

All works will be carried out under the MGNREGS program. The project will also see a shift in the course of MGNREGS which, until now, were scattered works such as agricultural works and improvement of public roads. The “Neeruravu” is a global project involving activities for environmental conservation, scientific agriculture and sustainable livelihoods.

‘Neeruravu’ will cover four watersheds in the panchayat in phases, Rajesh said. “The asset development works will significantly improve the income of local communities. Eligible families will receive assets for free. These would be cow barns, chicken coops, goats, azolla tanks, biogas plants, compost and sumps. Support will also be given to the cultivation of fodder grass, ”he said.

A lakh of fruit trees would be cultivated as part of the project. “We are very optimistic about the program. The panchayat once produced surplus agricultural products and had sufficient drinking water for all households. But now we are facing a severe shortage of drinking water during the summer. The project will help us solve the problem in a few years, ”Rajesh said.

Water conservation activities will be undertaken in the watersheds as part of a large Vamanapuram River rejuvenation program. The pilot phase of the river conservation project is located in Pullampara, where 12 kilometers of river flow.

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