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Saint Lucia: The government of Saint Lucia has announced new COVID-19 protocols in effect from August 13 to 31, 2021.

In action against COVID-19, the government of Saint Lucia has announced a curfew from 9 p.m., all business operations and business activities must be completed by 8 p.m. daily, in accordance with the curfew and enforced by emergency state. However, separate provisions apply for necessary sectors, such as essential services, construction, manufacturing, call centers, certified hotel workers, etc.

All agencies and businesses are advised to encourage physical distancing in the workplace. A mixed approach to office and home work services and operations can be implemented for employees if required. Large staff and board meetings should be encouraged to be held virtually or online on platforms.

The government also announced restrictions on social gatherings, immediate households and family limited to 10 people. In private settings, individuals are required to limit contact with family as much as possible and to adhere to all necessary general hygiene protocols and procedures. No loud music permit will be issued for the next three weeks.

All daily or regular religious and religious services are permitted in accordance with social distancing protocols. Religious institutions can perform services depending on the size of the church. This is guided by the guidelines and protocols of each facility approved by the Department of Health.

Special religious rights, including baptism, weddings and funerals, will be limited to 100 people, including observers and department heads. Funeral and wedding services are by invitation only. Funeral or service dates do not have to be officially announced.

No alliance is given for gatherings for special events for the 3 week period. Neither vaccinated nor vaccinated people are allowed to organize or attend any social activities including, but not limited to parties, boat rides, receptions, etc.

All sports are allowed for the given period, limited to the capacity of the field and the structure of the game. No spectators or crowds allowed at the same time.

Gyms are approved to operate in accordance with all necessary protocols and to a capacity limited by square footage. Special authorization may be granted for the training of athletes requiring individual training / training for contact sports, selective competitions and community commitments associated with the sport.

All educational institutions will operate according to established school hours. The functioning of the schools for the new school year will be assessed in mid-August based on the transmission rate, and the final decision on which schools will operate fully or use the alternate days approach will be clarified.

No local stay at COVID approved properties where unvaccinated visitors are accommodated. Boat trips are prohibited for the next three weeks. Alternate days for local and tourist service in parks, restaurants, etc., are to be maintained for this period.

Ongoing assessment and other measures will be implemented in accordance with consultations with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism which will be finalized on Friday, August 13, 2021.

The Prime Minister stressed while describing the COVID-19 protocols: “Let us encourage each other to stick to the protocols for the next 14 days, so that maybe we can get back to some level of normalcy. We owe each other; I know you can do this, in particular, for the most vulnerable among us who are at risk of dying if they are infected. And to those who are still hesitant to get vaccinated, I ask you to reconsider your position, seek medical advice, and help protect our nation from this deadly virus by taking the vaccine. “

“Together we can do it; let’s do it for our own good and that of the country. I want to thank the people of Saint Lucia for their patience and courage over the past few months as we fight this Covid pandemic. I know it has not been and is not easy, but as a nation I think the majority understand that we all have to share the sacrifice of dealing with the pandemic. Your government cares about you and will always put you first in all decisions that are made. “

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