Nigeria: Minister reiterates his commitment to provide sufficient drinking water


* Nigeria joins the rest of the world in celebrating World Rivers Day

Folalumi Alaran

The Minister of Water Resources, Ing. Suleiman Adamu, said his office will continue to work with relevant stakeholders in the water sector on regular and increased advocacy programs for river restoration to maximize the availability of potable water in the country.

The minister said this Monday in Abuja at a press briefing, as Nigeria joins 100 countries from six continents in commemorating World Rivers Day 2021.

The theme for this celebration of the year is “Waterways in Our Communities” with particular emphasis on maintaining efficient river flow and hydrological connectivity.

He explained that this decision was crucial for all Nigerians, especially the communities living around rivers and streams, to educate them about the urgent need to protect water resources from pollution, misuse, eventual extinction and ensure nationwide access, adequacy and sustainable use of rivers. .

According to him, the inaugural celebration follows the approval of the National Water Resources Council at its 27th meeting on December 4, 2020 in Abuja, with the aim of raising awareness and carrying out advocacy on the importance of rivers.

“My ministry has therefore mandated the 12 watershed development authorities and other agencies of the ministry to embark on regular and increased advocacy programs for the restoration, protection and conservation of rivers in the region. integrated watershed management framework.

“In recent times, the importance of fresh and clean water in the fight against COVID-19 has been repeatedly emphasized, so World Rivers Day is another timely occasion for millions of people around the world to come together to celebrate the importance of clean, healthy water and vibrant streams. “

He continues “We have to understand that our rivers are our lifeline, if you go down in history, most of the towns and settlements were found around rivers.

“Water is life and it should not be taken for granted because it comes from the sky. And there is a limited amount that we can take from the sky as most of it flows to rivers.

“All these people who take garbage and throw it in rivers should understand that they are doing a lot of damage.

“And the upstream communities should know better how to protect the downstream communities.

“It is very important that we appreciate what nature has provided us and make sure that we protect it.”

The Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Water Resources Ms. Didi Esther Wilson-Jack for her part declared that this was a central mandate of the Ministry of Water Resources, in particular the conservation of water in terms of quantity and quality.

“Therefore, the ministry is taking the lead in advocacy for the protection and conservation of rivers in Nigeria.

“The choice of the Wupo River in FCT is a recognition of its importance in the socio-economic life of the communities that surround it as well as for environmental sustainability.


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