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NAIROBI, Kenya, December 17 – President Uhuru Kenyatta challenged conservation actors led by the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife and the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to innovate new models of resource conservation of the flora and fauna of Kenya.

The president said new approaches must align with changing socio-economic and environmental realities such as climate change and increasing human population.

“We really have to think outside the box to find out how we can, with such a growing population, take care of this magnificent beauty inherited from our ancestors.

“We have to really think imaginatively about how we’re going to do it and how we’re going to ensure that future generations can live alongside nature and our wildlife like we have done,” said President.

President Kenyatta, who spoke at the celebrations marking the 75th anniversary of Nairobi National Park on Thursday, said Kenya must find innovative ways to balance its socio-economic aspirations with the country’s ambitious conservation agenda. .

At the same time, the President reiterated the government’s commitment to the conservation of Kenya’s wildlife heritage, affirming that it is the responsibility of the present generation to pass the resource on to future generations.

“On this joyous occasion, we reaffirm our commitment to preserve the natural beauty of our land and to pass it on to future generations in perfect condition.

“Those who came before us made the deliberate choice to balance rapid social and economic development with the conservation of our plant and animal life,” said the president.

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The head of state said Nairobi National Park was the only conservation area of ​​its kind in the world, calling it an icon of the Nairobi metropolitan area, and called on the wildlife ministry to develop a plan. of solid durability for the 31,000 acre conservation area.

The president said Kenya was determined to eradicate poaching, noting that between 2020 and this year the number of cases involving endangered species such as elephants and rhinos had dropped significantly.

“To give greater impetus to this quest, improve wildlife conservation and address emerging challenges, the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, and KWS should use new innovations, the use of technology and other innovative measures to address the challenges of wildlife, in particular poaching.

“Adopting technology and innovation will not only dramatically improve efficiency and reduce costs; it will also provide our local universities with a way to contribute to this noble campaign, ”proposed the president.

As part of the new conservation approaches, the president challenged sector actors led by the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife to develop a recognition mechanism for conservation heroes, especially young and future environmentalists.

In his speech, Tourism CS Najib Balala thanked the President for his continued support for conservation programs, saying that recent successes in stemming the threat of poaching and other aspects were the result of the growing government investment in the sector. .

“We cherish (Nairobi National Park) and we want to thank you very much, Mr. Chairman. You have expanded more space for wildlife and given us an additional 2,000 acres to add to Nairobi National Park… It is much appreciated by all environmentalists, ”said CS Balala.

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