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The value of nature goes beyond the direct services it provides us. Nature also has cultural value, forming the backdrop to our existence as human beings and providing the conditions for good physical and mental health, as well as emotional and spiritual well-being.

Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director of the EEA

“Signals EEA 2021 – The nature of Europe” provides an overview of the european state of nature – his habitat and species – and a window to the world of conservation, data collection and restoration strategies for biodiversity and ecosystems. The “EEA Signals” are a series of short articles based on data, information and expert interviews previously published on the EEA.

This year’s “EEA Signals” focus on nature value and why strong ecosystems are important for the well-being of people. An article on the state of nature describes the challenges that European nature is currently facing while other articles examine the main causes of the worrying situation and the most promising ways to enable nature to recover and recover. ‘flourish.

Jacques Vause, chief economist at the United Nations Environment Program’s World Conservation Monitoring Center (UNEP-WCMC), and contributor to the journal Dasgupta on the economics of biodiversity, gives an interview on how accounting can help stop the loss of biodiversity.

Dr Beate Jessel, chairman of the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, offers an overview of the links between biodiversity and climate change, and what could be done to strengthen nature’s resilience in a changing climate.

Petr Voříšek of the Czech Ornithological Society and a member of the European Atlas of Breeding Birds Coordination Team 2, explains how data on bird populations is collected and what are the particular challenges facing bird populations in the Europe are facing today.

The EU’s 2030 Biodiversity Strategy is Europe’s long-term plan to protect nature and reverse ecosystem degradation. Along with other initiatives, it is a central element of the European Green Deal, which outlines the EU’s long-term ambition to become the first climate neutral continent with a sustainable economy by 2050.

“Signals from the EEA” is an annual, easy-to-read publication that examines key environmental and climate issues. Recent reports from the EEA Signals looked at pollution (2020), soil (2019), water (2018) and energy (2017).

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