UPDATE: PM will call elections within 100 days

Skerrit speaking at Kent Edwards launch

Dominica’s Labor Party believes it has what it takes to win the next general election and show its confidence, its leader Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said, in the next 100 days voters will go to the polls to prove it .

Skerrit made the announcement during Kent Edwards’ official launch at La Plaine last night.

It is widely believed that the Prime Minister will announce the official launch date for the latest candidate, his wife Melissa, in Roseau Central.

“The series of launches are coming to an end,” he said… and “I promised you in the valley that I will tell you when I go to launch Melissa Skerrit. But this is not the date you want. This is the election date you want. I will say it tonight and I certainly couldn’t have said it a few weeks ago. Elections will take place in the next 100 days. So you can do your math, ”Skerrit told supporters.

This statement was as much information about the date of the elections that the Prime Minister gave, he then heavily lambasted the candidates of the United Workers’ Party – all of them.

His first blow came at the home of UWP leader Lennox Linton, who he says used ‘peoples’ money to rebuild his home in Morne Daniel after Hurricane Maria. “They even collected money from you ordinary people in Dominica. The money raised went to the mansion he lives in Morne Daniel, ”he said.

Skerrit said he was criticized for building a house in Vielle Case but… “an opposition leader who has not held a job for more than twenty years is rebuilding a mansion from the ravages of Hurricane Maria and no one in this country raises an eyebrow, “he said.

The prime minister said most, if not all, of the UWP candidates are misfits, agreeing that the most popular candidate in the UWP camp is a young man “who will lose his bail against me in the constituency of Old Case ”. The Prime Minister was talking about Clement Marcellin Jr.

The UWP, he said, selected “really” bad candidates, many of whom have “very unsavory characters”

“Sam Christian couldn’t be a DLP candidate in 2020. Joshua Francis couldn’t be… Vernie who is ashamed to be Dominican couldn’t be… and I haven’t made it to Salybia yet, the poor girl has the ‘lost air with which it can not identify half of the population of the territory of the Caribbean.

The Prime Minister ended his speech by informing his supporters that work is a party of peace: “Let us promote peace and tranquility in our country”, he declared.

Responding to crowd calls in the closing moments of his speech asking for the launch date of Roseau’s central candidate, his wife Melissa Poponne Skerrit, he promised: “I’ll tell you soon.”

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