Very successful Jan Aashirwad Yatras: Nadda

Describing the “Jan Aashirwad Yatras” by the 39 newly appointed Union ministers in Narendra Modi’s government in several states as “very successful”, BJP chairman JP Nadda said on Saturday that the people’s “massive response” had made the opposition “nervous”. ‘and therefore he sought to put obstacles in the’ Yatras’.

The “Jan Aashirwad Yatras”, which began on Independence Day and lasted until August 28, 2021, traveled more than 24,000 km in 14 days during which more than 5,000 programs were held, said Nadda.

“All of these programs were very successful, which also ensured the enthusiastic participation of people from all walks of life. All credit for the success of the ‘Jan Ashirwad Yatra’ goes to the Indian people, ”he said.

These “Yatras” were undertaken under the instructions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi after he inducted 39 new ministers during his first expansion of the Union cabinet in the past two years on July 6, dropping many weights. heavy including Ravishankar Prasad and Prakash Javadekar.

“The Indian people of all states warmly welcomed the new ministers and congratulated the government of the Bharatiya Janata party led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for contributing to the development and progress of India,” BJP said in a statement. .

He said that since 2014, the Prime Minister has “worked tirelessly and with complete dedication and dedication” to serve the people of the country and to ensure the welfare and welfare of all sections of our society.

He claimed that over the past 7 years “all calamities and problems have been turned into opportunities by Narendra Modi’s government. Whether it’s managing Covid-19, running the world’s largest and fastest Covid vaccination program, evacuating Indians stranded in any part of the world, or preserving and the preservation of the great culture and traditions of our great country. “

Nadda said that “Jan Aashirwad Yatras” across the country left “opposition parties disturbed and nervous and they tried in vain to disrupt and create obstacles in our Yatra and our programs”.

“All the ploys and turmoil have failed to shake the strong support and confidence that the people have placed in Narendra Modi’s government.

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