West Seattle Blog… | BIRDS: From the river to the sea to the trees


In the fall, we often feature bird photo galleries on sea ​​hawks match days. Today is in honor of the end of the Sea fair air show.

While People’s Duwamish River Park for the Saturday festival, we photographed the Osprey nest on top of a pole in the middle of the habitat restoration area. Steve Bender sent this photo of mum and chick two weeks ago:

In Lincoln Park, vincent marx photographed two young men bald eagles:

And then there is the majesty of the birds that share our quarters on a daily basis – Chi Krneta photographed these Crows (a fully leucistic one) in July:

Trojan Sterk sent this photo of a young Raven a few days ago:

Speaking of young Jerry Simmons photographed a Steller’s Jay feed the chicks in June:

Anne Anderson photographed a baby bush tit – and if you know how small Bushtits are, imagine how small their babies must be!

Last but not least, a great blue heron with a catch, photographed by Diane Johnson:

Thanks to everyone who sent in bird photos – with Seahawks season almost upon us, we’ll likely be back to posting galleries every few weeks, depending on what happens.


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