Western Riverina Arts Uses Artists to Help Raise Awareness of Endangered Riverina Birds | News from the region


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Western Riverina Arts has called on local artists to contribute to a conservation project, raising awareness about three critically endangered species in the Riverina. The Rescue of Riverina Native Birds Project hopes to raise awareness of the Plains Wanderer, Australasian Bittern and / or wild birds in their native habitats, but with the increasing rarity and difficulty of spotting them, they have chosen to represent them through more artistic media. The organization calls on artists to show their interest, with twelve of them receiving $ 500 to spend on their representations of the birds. Completed entries will tour the region from March 2022 in an effort to engage the community with the creatures. The initiative is supported by Murray Local Land Services, Riverina Local Land Services, South West Arts Inc and Western Riverina Arts. Aanya Whitehead, regional executive director of arts at Western Riverina Arts, explained that the project follows a successful run last year. “This follows an initiative from South West Arts last year – they did an initiative by commissioning a lot of work, so this time we teamed up and made this again to shoot next year,” he said. she explained. READ MORE “It was really about getting together with landowners through conservation techniques… We felt it was so successful on two fronts, it informed the local community about the funding and grants available for protecting Australia’s unique bird species and at the same time it had a very good artistic result. “She said she had a special love for the plains wanderer, a unique Riverina bird. The genetic parent closest to the Plains Wanderer is a South American wader, which makes it unique in its presence. “It’s completely unique and can only be found in the Riverina. Our community has this really lovely and unique bird that rests on its own and has no parents, “Ms. Whitehead said. Expressions of interest can be sent to [email protected] or [email protected] .au. The deadline to express your interest will be November 26. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can access our trusted content:



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