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Dear Tabby,

Our cat often sits on the windowsill and chirps (apparently) for the birds outside! He just started doing this and it’s so funny! Is this something all cats do, or is our cat just a super genius?

Cat chirping in the fields by candlelight

Dear singing cat,

I have no doubt that your cat is a super genius because frankly most cats are (in my not so humble opinion), but what you are witnessing is very normal cat behavior that a lot of cats do. cats.

Blame your prey

Your docile domestic cat’s prey hunt is activated when it sees a bird or sometimes even an insect outside. You may notice that in addition to the chirping, your cat’s tail also twitches and her pupils dilate. This is a classic “hunter” behavior and is extremely stimulating for your kitten. Think of it as an interactive “Kitty TV”.

What is the purpose of tweeting?

Experts believe cats chirp at their prey to mimic it, entice it to approach, or maybe even hypnotize it. Cats of all ages and breeds do this, even cats in the wild.

Some believe that chirping is a cry of frustration from the cat that he or she can see its prey but cannot reach it, due to the window or other obstacles. If you find that your cat is frustrated with their inability to catch their “prey,” consider engaging them in a toy game around the house. Toys with feathers or toys that move like an insect will quickly grab your cat’s attention and give him the opportunity to “catch” his prey.

Cats are master communicators

The funny thing is that cats meow, chirp and tremble as a means of communication, especially with their human friends. After living with humans for millennia, cats have learned to communicate with us through vocalizations. If you think about it, doesn’t your cat meow when it’s mealtime or when you get home? Cats know how to get what they want and with vocalizations they can get their point across.

In summary, what you are seeing is your cat’s strong prey in action. Keeping a cat indoors is always the safest thing for him, so while he may seem desperate to kill, keeping him at home and letting him “kill” his cat toys is the best thing. that you can do. There are too many dangers that can befall an outdoor cat and it is not worth leaving it outside to try and appease its natural instincts.

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