Yeida begins cleaning up Dhanauri wetland before migrating birds arrive


With migratory birds slowly making their presence felt in the city’s wetlands, but not in Dhanauri – one of the largest wetlands that once housed large numbers of bird species, the Yeida Horticultural Department has started cleaning up the wetland before the birding season.

Currently, hyacinth removal in Dhanauri is in full swing after a few bird watchers approached Dhirendra Singh, asking him to clear the wetland before migrating birds start arriving in mid-November. The MP said he asked the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (Yeida) to clean up the wetland.

“We sent about fifteen workers to the site; they will clean the hyacinth from more than 25 to 30 hectares of the lake. We also put the forestry department on a loop. It is important to remove the hyacinth because birds get stuck in it. It will take a maximum of two weeks to complete the work, ”said Anand Mohan, deputy director of the horticulture department, Yeida.

“It is a matter of pride that we have such a large wetland in our region. Now that Noida International Airport is coming to Jewar, we can also develop Dhanauri as a major tourist spot. However, this time the wetland suffered from a lack of maintenance, with hyacinth covering the entire lake. We urged Yeida’s horticulture department and now they are removing the hyacinth from the wetland. The work will be completed in the next few days, ”Singh said.

He added that they had even approached the forestry department. “The forestry department of the division had some problems with the release of funds, so the work (Dhanauri clean-up) was delayed. We brought in Yeida’s horticulture department to do the job, as migratory birds may start arriving soon, ”Singh said.

According to bird watchers, migratory birds, especially waterfowl, start arriving in large numbers in November. Its population in wetlands peaks in December. Many bird watchers have claimed that a few migratory birds have already been spotted in other habitats in the city while Dhanauri is completely devoid of such birds.

“We have observed some species of migratory birds in the Okhla and Surajpur bird sanctuary, such as osprey and a few small hawks, but not yet water birds. However, it is rival silence in Dhanauri. Migration has not yet started properly, although factors, such as the growth of hyacinth, are slowing the process, ”said Jaswinder Singh, a bird watcher based in Noida.

One of the city’s main wetlands and birding hotspots, Dhanauri spans 101 hectares. Once home to over 211 species of birds, the wetland has suffered habitat loss, resulting in a decline in the bird population over the years.

Last April, the forestry department rushed to fill the wetland with a borehole after it first dried up due to lack of conservation efforts and warmth. . However, in September, a maximum of Sarus cranes (84) were found in this wetland out of the 170 spotted in the district.

In January, the Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) 2021, organized by Wetlands International South Asia and the district forestry department, found the bird population to decline more than four times compared to 2020. L AWC 2021 found only 1,344 birds of 48 species (20 resident and 28 migratory) in Dhanauri compared to 6,227 birds of 59 species (21 resident and 38 migratory) found in January of last year.

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